Covid survivor and a frontline health worker Dr Ashwin shares his experience


At a time when COVID-19 has instilled fear, anxiety, panic and depression among people, there are others who have battled Covid-19 and are in the frontline to save the lives of people. One such example is Dr Ashwin Pandit, a general surgeon from Hyderabad.

Dr Ashwin has been treating few covid patients, most of them with mild and moderate symptoms and mostly through Tele consultation. Dr Ashwin and his entire family have been through the disease and all of them have recovered. Dr Ashwin shares his experiences with Hello Vizag.

There are a few things Dr Ashwin has realised during his limited experience with the covid patients. Firstly, it presents differently in different people and it is not possible to make out who is present with mild symptoms and who would progress to severe disease. Once a person has been tested positive, the entire family needs to be tested.

“During the entire process, it’s very important to remain calm and not get stressed about turning positive. If tested positive few things need to be kept in mind. 1. Drink lots of water and other fluids as adequate hydration is very important. 2. Take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. 3. Wear a N95 mask without valves and stay away from other people. Elderly need special care,” stated Dr Ashwin.

“Presently there is a crisis and there is a shortage of number of beds in the ICUs and in the hospitals, so those with mild symptoms can be managed at home. It’s better that those with mild symptoms stay at home and monitor themselves at home. A thermometer and pulse oximeter are needed to monitor oneself at home. A saturation above 94 percent is the target. For measuring the saturation, a Street 5 mins brisk walk will help to decide if we can continue home care or not. A fall in saturation below 94 after a brisk walk for 5 mins would suggest the need for medical intervention,” added Dr Ashwin who earlier worked with Yashoda hospitals.

Apart from these, Dr Ashwin says a few more precautions like taking vitamin c supplementation, vitamin d supplement and zinc replacement have been extremely useful. Steam inhalation three times a day is very helpful during the phase of infection. Yoga and meditation help in recovery of the patients. Being cautious and courageous would help in fighting the disease.

“Early detection of the symptoms and close monitoring of the patients will help in battling the disease better”, suggested Dr Ashwin.

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