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Creativity isn’t just an expression on a piece of canvas!

Creativity isn’t just an expression on a piece of canvas!

Everybody has a different take on creative quotient whether one person may feel being creative is making a piece of art. To another, creativity might mean solving theory in quantum physics. And to another person, being creative might mean coming up with an ingenious new way to speed up a factory assembly line and orders.

When we define creativity only in terms of artistic expression, we miss a lot of other potential applications for creative thinking and problem-solving. We creative seeker’s vision mainly focuses on the problem and creativity combined to result in a flexible style. My type of creative leadership qualities can help the country with a better future in a primary level of fashion, as this era of 2020 has elites to mainly acquire creativity of the designers, and the rest mainly with the weaker financial background (in India). The style of the designs of the designer brands has also stopped their thought to a limitation!
A big drawback noticed among the public was the amount of money they pay in a local store in a local market for an amateur design is almost the same as we get it under a bigger well-branded store. This discomfort of making them think they have no right to buy a better quality from a branded store has been creating discrimination among human beings. Once again the biggest reason for the water shortage and pollution is caused mainly by the fashion and clothing industry (a universal truth). If such non-branded local companies stopped selling 3rd rated products and clothing, we together can save Mother Earth and the plain folks can be in trend and equally live a better lifestyle.

All the low-quality cloth should be given to the designers who would be happy to design for the welfare growth of the people, later brand the cloth or finished product properly and sell them to the same shops without disturbing the circle of the market. Stop unnecessary making of cloth or finished product as most of them end up in landfills.

The biggest concern is to get the flexibility between the people and fashion with every factor possible because this impact can rehabilitate the whole system of the country and get the support and unity of people to a better future.

I push myself into a better future keeping all the upcoming future problems that can affect the upcoming generations and this beautiful planet we live in !

Now, the vision -yes, we can only acquire a great result when we experiment and invent because the rest of our future is a very complex one. We better start preferring and predicting the future aftermath and work on it!

I have a strong will that fashion can also revolutionaries the art of living on a total developmental base. Every designer designing skills mainly corporate, Firstly comforts, innovation, and style statement.

We should look forward to having a great level of confidence in the betterment of the future.
By Rajeev Harshith


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