Crippling effects of lockdown in our lives


The world now is going through the period of pandemic which is most unfortunate to take in and the economies are in a stage of collapse. The growth of the virus #covid19 has been affecting the entire world irrespective of their living standards.

In India, there is grinding poverty in many areas where they can’t even meet their basic requirements with their low incomes, now deeply getting affected by this lockdown. Isn’t it terrible to imagine us not able to feed our families due to lack of minimum money? Now, think of the state of poor in our country which is going beyond our imaginations.

We somehow started managing to face this lockdown by watching Netflix and experimenting on our creative skills while there are people who earn through daily works have no idea what to do for feeding their hunger when each and every lane of our country is being shut.

Auto drivers, street vendors, daily labour and many such workers have no clue on how to lead their families. Their fear of what happens next has been growing bigger than the fear of fighting with the deadly virus. Everyone of them wants to move to their native places. Public transport has stopped, which made them to start their travelling on foot. Children who aren’t able to walk anymore are being pushed by their parents, many of the walking women are pregnant while a lady recently delivered a baby after walking about 150 kms. No woman wants this to happen. They have no other option than to walk on bare foot.

The pandemic has not only exposed the current imbalance in economic plans but also the current state of labour force. Why are there no policies in the favour of daily labour, today? What steps are being prepared to take care of the migrant workers? It’s been 72 years since we got our independence but still there is no proper plan for the upliftment of poor.

2020 has shown us enough.

By Sameera Srinivas

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