Cut in salaries from employees to revive the economic downfall of the states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh


Already the pandemic COVID-19 has taken a toss on people as well as the economy globally. From Sensex being crashed and humans dying things are at a worse state. Seeing the current scenario, the Telangana Government headed by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao made an announcement on Monday that there will be certain percentage of salaries of employees and pensioners been cut off to revive back the revenue loss of the state.

Due to the lockdown the economy has hit the floors and after reviewing the things at a meeting the call was taken. There is a 75% cut in the Chief Ministers salary and all the MLAs, MLCs and all the people who represent the urban and local bodies. It is Major cut from their salaries.

It is not a cut in their salaries but also 60% cut for all the employees who work as IAS, IPS and all the administrative services. 50% will be cut from all Government employees and about 10% will be cut from all ClasIV employees.

As the revenue streams have dried down and currently the demand of medical facilities have increased with the count of people falling prey to COVID-19, looking into the situation even Government of Andhra Pradesh have given orders on the deferment of salaries/wages/remuneration/honorarium/pensions, just to stabilize the economy or else in future there will be further crisis if the economy crashes. The order was given on March 31.

Firstly 100% deferment in CM, all the MLAs, MLCs and people representing the local bodies. Then 60% deferment respective to all those working for All India Services- IAS, IPS, 50% deferment in the salaries of all Government services, 10% deferment for Class IV employees.

This will be applicable not only to those who are working but also the retired employees of all PSU’s, Government aided institutuions, Universities, etc in respect to their salaries, wages, honorariums and pensions. So this will be applicable in the month of march which people will get in April in hand. This will be followed and continued till further orders come from the Government.


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