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Cyclonic Storm NIVAR may cause heavy rains in South coastal AP on Nov 25 and 26


A severe Cyclonic Storm “NIVAR” presently brewing in south Bay of Bengal is moving northwest and may cross the north Tamilnadu coast and South Andhra around November 25.

As per sources, Cyclone Nivar may cause heavy to extremely heavy rains at isolated places in Rayalaseema and south coastal AP districts on Wednesday (November 25) and Thursday (November 26). Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts would get light to moderate rains on these two days.

In this connection, the District Medical and Health Officers are instructed to entrust a responsible officer for each and every action, along with the listing of required resources for proper accomplishment of the action, stated a notification.

The District Medical and Health Officers are to ensure the following measures during the pre and post Cyclone period. An action plan is to be prepared district wise keeping the following points and update your action plans to this office.

1.Medical Teams: Medical teams consisting of one Medical Officer, one Staff Nurse, and one MPHA(M) shall be available at the identified relief centres round the clock.
2. Drugs and Disinfectants: Sufficient quantity of necessary drugs shall be kept ready with the teams. Use of disinfectants shall be ensured during the period. ANMs /ASHAs to distribute Chlorine Tablets for pot chlorination in all affected areas. Any requirement of Epidemic drugs may be indented immediately.
3. Power failure: Working Generator / Inverter shall be available in all health institutions including PHCs in the affected areas. Keep the electrician also ready to take care of uninterrupted power with
fuel stock availability for generator.
4. Ambulance Services: At least two ambulances shall be available at all PHCs in affected area.
5. Rescue operations: To take care of people rescued on physical trauma as well as mental trauma teams be placed.
6. Food Safety: To identify vendors for supply of safe drinking water and milk in affected mandals.
7. High risk pregnancies: IEC activities on measures to be taken specifically for pregnant women, children under 5 years, Old aged in affected areas to be done. Pregnant women with due date within
one week should be shifted to the nearby health facilities.
8. Vaccines to be shifted with cold chain management as per the requirement.
9. Health camps with one ANM and male supervisor/MPHA(M) with ASHAs can be planned in medium risk areas.

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