Dedicated Multi-Care Private Hospitals in Vizag that can handle COVID patients

Dedicated-Multi-Care-Private-Hospitals- in-Vizag-that-can-handle-COVID-patients

This is created to help people avoid delay in accessing Critical care. Information formulated is as given in Google maps. Ambulance: 108  104

***APOLLO Hospitals Health City, Vizag.
–Phone: 08912867777
–Google map:

***APOLLO Hospitals, Ramnagar Vizag, Opp Executive Court Hotel
–Phone: 08912727272
–Google map:

***CARE Hospital, Ram Nagar, Vizag (AS Raja Complex)
–Phone: 08916165656
–Google map:

***CARE Hospital, Opp KGH, Maharanipeta Vizag
–Phone: 08916165656
–Google map:

***PRADHAMA Hospital
Beside Petrol Bunk, Venkojipalem, Vizag.
–Phone: 9133444523
–Google map:

***INDUS Hospital, KGH Down Road Near Jagadamba Junction, Vizag.
–Phone: 9848724365
–Google map:

***SEVEN HILLS Hospital:
Rockdale Layout, Waltair Main Rd, Ram Nagar, Vizag
Phone: 08916677777
–Google map:

***OMNI Hospitals, Waltair Main Rd, Ram Nagar, Vizag
–Phone: 08913080300
–Google map:

***MEDICOVER Hospital, Gokhale Rd, Maharani Peta, Vizag.
–Phone: 07702432111
–Google map:

***Queen’s NRI Hospital, Gurudwara Rd, Seethammadara, Vizag.
–Phone: 08912827777
–Google map:

***KIMS ICON Hospitals Sheela Nagar, Vizag.
–Phone: 08885542944
–Google map:

***GITAM Medical College Hospital, Rushikonda, Vizag
–Google map:

***GAYATRI Medical College Hospital, Madhurawada, Vizag.
–Phone: 08912793741
–Google map:

**Govt Hospitals*
***KGH (King George Hospital) Maharani Peta, Vizag
–Google map:

***Govt CHEST Hospital: Pedda Waltair, Vizag
–Phone: 08912552525
–Google map:

***VIMS (Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences), Hanumanthavaka, Vizag.
–Phone: 08790801234
–Google map:

–AP Govt:

–Indian Govt:

–India Covid:

–World Covid:

Hello Vizag wishing everyone Good Health

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