Defunct street lights in Daspalla hills makes it difficult for the commuters


Defunct street lights in Daspalla hills has not only made it difficult for the residents but also the pedestrians and commuters. Being a hilly area, the roads are steep and lack of lights makes it inconvenient for the people to travel.

The residents of the colony say that the entire lane turns pitch dark after 6 pm and it has become a nightmare to venture out during the late evening hours. Children going to tuition need to be accompanied by someone due to the presence of snakes and stray dogs.

The road behind navy house in Daspalla hills has around five apartments and five individual houses. Residents also opine that there is a need for additional street lights in the area as it is a connecting road to major junctions of the city.

Preksha Dassani, a lecturer, said, “It has been one month, we have been facing this problem. The street lights are functional for a few days and become defunct every alternate day. A few months ago, there were also instance of thieves getting into apartments and cases of petrol theft.”

She also added, “Since it is hilly area, defunct streetlights might lead to accidents as the roads are steep and difficult to get indication from the vehicles coming from the opposite side. Pedestrians are unable to pass through the lane as they are scared of snakes and scorpions.”

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