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Demand for ”poor man’s refrigerator” picking up in Vizag


As the Vizag city is witnessing rising temperatures day by day, the upper-class people are busy getting their air conditioners fixed and refrigerators repaired but the lesser mortals, who cannot buy ACs and refrigerators, are going nature’s way. And for them, earthen pots are becoming popular these days. As it is popularly called as a ‘poor man’s refrigerator’, the pitcher is emerging as a supplementary water cooler for proud owners of refrigerators as well. Potters in and around the city are super busy these days. Temperatures are running high gradually as the Vizag city records an average day temperature of only 29°C till recently and it is rising to on an average of 31°C by the mid-march. The day time average temperature may cross 40 degrees from the second week of April.

As the temperatures go up, the people are looking for a natural way to hydrate themselves. A glass of cold water gives immense relief. People, who are accustomed to drinking water from refrigerators, are slowly going back to traditional methods. A majority of city people who have much health conscious prefer earthen pots than the fridge water considering health issues. The saying “old is gold” seems to apply here in the consumption of drinking water. The earthen pots are poor men’s choice once, but now are the choice of many people irrespective of their economic status.

Using earthen pots for storing and consuming drinking water is the order of the day. Because pots made of clay has alkaline in nature, which reacts with the acidic nature and helps to create a proper balance in the body, what health experts say. People are making a beeline to buy earthen pots which are readily available on the platforms.

Ayurvedic practitioners in the city opine that “Cooling through evaporation is more hygienic than that done in reused bottles kept in refrigerators. Besides being at optimum and pleasant temperature, the water stored in earthen pots contains high content of desired micronutrients.” Since trends take a reverse gear, usage of earthen pots has been increasing. Owing to an increase in the demand for pots, their prices are also skyrocketing. Different types and shapes of pots are available in the city. The earthen vessels are available in the form of teacups, water jugs, cooking utensils, stains, jars and water bottles.

As Vizag has a huge demand for earthen pots, the makers of earthen utensils are migrating from neighbouring districts and are coming with attractive designs and different colours to grab the attention of their customers. These modern design pots are displayed for sale in prime areas of the city especially Siripuram, Akkyyapalem, Poorna Market, Madhurawda, Gajuwaka and Anandapuram. You can find mega pots with a tap in the bottom which has heavy demand. Apart from local pot-makers, the pot sellers are also importing the earthen pots from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kolkata. Now, it is your turn to have water from the earthen pot!

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