Depression also causes physical pain


Mental illness is always termed to be differ from physical illness. But researchers have found that depression also causes physical pain in some of the other form. When mental health is affected it not only affects the mood of the individual but it also affects eye health, digestive system, brain functioning, energy levels, muscles etc.

It really shows that mental illness is communicated by the brain in form of physical pain.

Some symptoms of depression include:

Lower energy levels: People may experience low energy levels continuously. Mood swings and not wanting to concentrate on anything, irritating feeling, dull and laziness etc will also happen due to depression.

Intolerance to pain decreases: People may feel that they are experiencing high levels of pain but without any physical reason or physically being hurt. Even small issues will have high impact and high levels of pain when people are in depression.

Back pain: Back pain is usually caused due to injuries or bad posture while sitting, but sometimes back pain is also caused without any reasons and no physical injury affect. The reason could be either stress or depression.

Headache: Common cause of headaches are migraine, dehydration etc. Occasional or continuous headaches can also be caused due to over stress or depression. Headache along with the feeling of irritation is also a common problem caused due to depression.

Cramps and uneasiness in abdomen:

Cramps are usually caused in women during mensuration cycle. Once in while or continuous stomach pain or uneasiness in abdomen or cramps are also caused due to increased depression. It can also be treated as body’s way of communicating depression.

Digestion problems: Major cause of this problem is gastrointestinal issues. But every time that would not be the actual reason. Sadness, depression, anxiety will have higher impact on digestive system and depression also affects the functionality of digestive system.

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