Devotees can now have a darshan from 6 am to 6 pm at Simhachalam Temple in Vizag


Lockdown 5.0 seems to be phased manner of unlocking sectors and as #unlock 1 mode has already begun from June. It is said that the Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple will now open it’s doors for the devotees from June 8.

The darshan timings for devotees are from morning 6 to evening 6. Though the devasthanam is all set to open, it has some rules that needs to be followed meticulously by anyone who is on the premise of the temple.

1. Social distancing is a must thing. It can’t be like the previous times, where people would push and pull one and another in queues.
2. The people can enter the premise through NIladri gate but won’t be allowed into the sanctum.
3. There are stand sanitisers and disinfected tunnels that one needs to go through compulsory to maintain the sanitization and hygiene protocol.
4. Free darshan, special darshan with tickets will be availed to people with a price range of 100-300 Rs.
5. Bus services are availed and will be operating from June 8 itself.
6. Masks are a must. If a person fails to put on masks then he/she won’t be allowed to even be a part of the queue.
Religious visits in times of COVID-19 will be different and something unimaginable. Though the temple will be opening almost after 2 and a half months, protocols were taken keeping into consideration of the minute things.


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