Did the Great wall of Ahemadabad woo Donald trump in a three-hour visit?


Before even the President of USA, Donald Trump set afoot in India, the wall painted with grey was built across the 400-meter stretch.

India is known for its diverse culture and people belonging from different strata. There are skyscrapers as well as slums and that is the beauty. Building a 4-feet wall to cover the slum just before Trump’s visit is it a coincidence or a blunt move?

The expensive preparation for a three-hour visit made by Donald trump is it worth. People were quite muffled as the 85 crore preparation could have been done in providing the slum dwellers house or used in other developments but why building a wall. On the one hand, where people were questioning, on the other hand, people found it funny and made memes on it.

The building of a wall for concealing the aesthetics can’t conceal the reality of slum dwellers. Also putting things to rest, Vijay Nehra, Municipal Commissioner said that the decision of building the wall was taken way back 2 months ago keeping in mind the prevention of encroachments on-road and footpath.

Apart from them, a delegate of 12 members visited India on February 24.


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