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Different Ways To Deal With Everyday Work Stress


Stress is definitely a silent killer that takes away all your energy and sacks your concentration. This will finally lead towards shaking your confidence. But if you feel this stress is taking your happiness away too much from you, then you must definitely think of some ways that gives you relief from the work stress that you are going through.

This work stress that we are talking about doesn’t just apply to working women, but also to the women who do the daily household chores. If you think you are dealing a lot of stressful things, then you must try these amazing stressing reducing ways to keep yourself calm and cool.


In modern life, we spend far more time engaging our body’s stress responses than we do engaging our relaxation responses. This has serious consequences for our physical health, as too much stress can accelerate the aging process, suppress our immune systems, and leave us feeling fatigued and depressed. Since stress is a physical and hormonal chain reaction, the first place to start is using your body to interrupt the response.

Eat whole foods

Processed food can cause us to feel anxious and can even contribute to ADD. We can prevent these symptoms by eating whole foods, eating more fruits and vegetables (especially green ones), and getting a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids from salmon or seeds such as hemp, chia, and flax. Nourishing your body will make you better prepared to take on whatever challenges you’ll face at work.

Learn to say “no”

Being overbooked, overworked, and over committed will lead to stress. We often feel obligated to say “yes” to everything for fear we won’t be liked. But the greatest act of stress relief is exercising your right to say no. You can be polite but firm: Explain to others that you are over committed and that you must say no. And yes, you can even tell your boss “no”; just explain that one more project will mean the quality of your work will drop. Negotiate priorities.

Most importantly don’t say yes when you want to say no which is the most stress filled thing for you.

Get creative

Remember how much fun you had as a kid doing crafts. You might have stopped because your last creation wasn’t perfect, or because you didn’t have the time. But it’s important to carve out some time to be creative and tap into your inner kid. Creativity can include anything from cooking dinner, handwriting a card to a friend, or colouring something, create doodles. Get out the scissors and glue stick and just play.

We may not eliminate or escape from stress, which is very true. But we can do these things which helps us in reducing our stress.

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