District Collector & SP of Vizianagaram hosted “Phone-In” programme to sought public opinion about lock down

District Collector & SP of Vizianagaram hosted “Phone-In” programme to sought public opinion about lock down

Corona is confusing Vizianagaram district residents. The corona epidemic is spreading rapidly in the district. As of Sunday, the number of positive cases reached 832. With this, 144 Containment clusters have been set up across the district. The number of cases is increasing day by day. Corona is also creating a stir in the police department which is carrying out control functions. In one police department, so far, 37 people have been attacked by Covid-19. Corona does not leave anyone with the distinction of being public figures, bureaucrats and ordinary people.

Some people discriminate against them if they have a corona positive patient next to their house, in their village or on their street. In some places they are socially and physically excluded. Struggling to understand how to deal with the current situation, The District Collectorate of Vizianagaram hosted a phone-in event on Sunday on Covid-19. From 11.30 am to 1 pm, 80 people gave their advice and suggestions to the corona building. Issues were communicated. Phone calls were received by Collector M Harizawaharlal and SP B Rajakumari.

As the corona outbreak in the district is increasing day by day, most people are asking for the lockdown to be strictly enforced for at least 14 to 30 days. No social distancing is observed at the farmer’s markets, in the markets, while purchase of essential commodities. Merchants were asked to keep their stores open until 2pm and close the next shops. Some have appealed for the number of corona tests to be increased and for results to be announced soon.

Some have urged the public to be widespread and aware of the precautions that Corona should take. Some family members said they felt humiliated by the arrival of police and ambulances to evacuate those who were positive and wanted to find an alternative. Bleaching and sanitation in the markets should be done every day and steps should be taken to consume sanitizers at the market. Covid call center / toll free numbers should be displayed in every village and ward secretariat.

A phone caller said those coming from outside the district should be barred. They demanded that the disabled be given the opportunity to work from home. A man named Srinivasa Rao from PWD Market advised to follow some tips for corona prevention, drinking hot water, steaming and taking nutritious food. Police, NCC and NSS representatives are to be deployed at the markets to follow the physical distance. Many feel that people are frightened and wandering around unnecessarily, and that corona binding is difficult if not treated harshly.

The Collector directed to take appropriate action by sending the details of the received phone calls to the concerned departments. The Collector and SP said they would discuss the lockdown with the ministers and public representatives of the district. Information that it has been decided to impose a lockdown in the district for 15 days as per the public opinion. It will be announced in a couple of days.

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