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Do you know that Bavikonda has the remains of Buddha


Bavikonda Buddhist Complex dates back to 3rd century BCE, A large Buddhist complex was excavated at this site. Located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Visakhapatnam and about 130 metres above sea level, Bavikonda is a live example of Buddhist heritage.

The word Bavikonda in telugu means numerous wells. There are many wells present here which are known to be used for storing water during that period.

During the excavations a piece of bone stored in an urn which is known to be remains of Buddha along with that Inscriptions, pottery, bricks, coins etc were also found which were known to be used during the 3rd century. The stupas present here includes Mahastupa, Votive Stupa etc.

Bavikonda has been regarded as the UNESCO world heritage site. This a must visit place, as one can explore 3rd century architecture and our history.

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