Doctors were threatened for Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy report

Doctors were threatened for Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy report

The controversy regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide theory continues to reverberate across India. While the Supreme Court has ordered for an impartial probe by the Central Bureau Investigation to unravel the mystery behind the unnatural death, there is an ongoing witch hunt being conducted by the overzealous news anchors and rabid keyboard warriors in parallel to the official investigation.

Subsequently, after the handover of the case from Mumbai police to CBI at the behest of the Bihar government request, the doctors at Mumbai’s Cooper Hospital who conducted Rajput’s autopsy have been caught in the center of interest of these underqualified vigilantes, who have been constantly harassing and threatening the doctors on their private contact numbers and calling up the hospital landline to leave abusive messages.

This was confirmed by Pinakin Gujjar, Dean of Cooper Hospital that five doctors are being unnecessarily targeted over phone calls as well as online, and that he has been facing his share of abuse as well. In view, the President of Medico-Legal Association of Maharashtra Dr. Shailesh Mohite objected to the trolling campaign, saying that those who had issues with the autopsy report can pursue legal options, rather than resorting to harassment of this nature.

Given the habitual mindset of the trolls who fall back on harassing those they believe were complicit in Rajput’s death, the abuse the doctors are facing is regrettable but also predictable. Accordingly, the so-called self-proclaimed warriors for justice don’t seem to trust the Indian justice system, they descend on the unfortunate targets in an online mob. Thus, the inevitable result is doctors are victims of their mobile numbers leaked online alongside unverified allegations that they accepted monetary inducements to write off Rajput’s death as a suicide.

Subramanian Swamy, quire articulate in his off the cuff allegations, made the campaign to bring Rajput’s killers to justice, had also pointed his finger of suspicion at the doctors at Cooper Hospital. He even claimed that a TV news channel’s interview with staff of ambulance, where they shared details about the conditions of Rajput’s body, hinted at a coverup by doctors at the hospital. Now, it seems as if the online mob has taken the Swamy’s cue, and begun its targeted harassment campaign.

What is indeed heart rendering and tragic story of the Hindi film industry losing a promising talent has become an ugly, haywire media circus where even doctors with tenuous connections to the case are becoming victims.

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