Doesn’t stand out as ‘World Famous lover’ but definitely a frantic lover


Synopsis: When Yamini (Rashi Khanna) breaks up with Gowtham (Vijay Devarakonda) that’s when the aspiring writer comes to senses and starts writing infuriatingly the love stories where he portrays himself as the bigger person but as the catharsis happens with time and writing, he realizes that he has taken his loved one’s sacrifices for granted.

Story: The movie starts abruptly with a scene that reminds you of Arjun Reddy, the character seems broken, lost, in the quest for his loved one. With time as the story unfolds you understand why Gowtham has been pushed to an edgy phase. When Gowtham says ‘there are millions of stories that unfold every second and each one seems different from one another’ is quite justified as you watch the movie. The charming and bright guy always aspired to be the writer and his dreams are given wings by his girlfriend Yamini but it’s seen that the zeal to write gets lost somewhere and Gowtham ends up watching cartoons and whiles away his time by sitting on the couch. Hoping to see a change and expecting Gowtham to write someday but there seems no change within him, Yamini finally takes a call to leave as she can’t be treated like a material anymore.

The writer struggling with his writer’s block finally finds a reason to write, he infuriatingly starts writing stories where he wants to show himself as the bigger person who has done sacrifices but somewhere down the line he starts noticing the little things done by the other female character in his story and realizes that he has taken the other person for granted.

Yet Vijay, as usual, steals the show with his stellar performance whether acing his Telangana dialect like a boss or playing the rich guy in France. He proves that he does what he loves the most that are acting. He aces the character Seenayya who works in the coal mine site at Yellandu. The character seems convincing and he is seen romancing with both Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh) and Smita (Catherine Tresa). Aishwarya Rajesh is someone you would look out for though her character is suppressive but she slays it with her facial expression, though you want to feel pity for she leaves no room for it as she takes a call for herself and also Rashi Khann, emotes her emotions quite well. She does not play the usual chirpy and bubbly girl, since the beginning her eyes do the talking even though she doesn’t speak.

Kranthi- Madhav, director of the film, takes up a risky way of story-telling going back and forth but does it rightfully. The cinematography done by Jayakrishna Gummadi seems flawless and quite enticing and also the music by Gopi Sundar is something that grips the audience by.
Though the stellar performance was given by each one it doesn’t work much in the second half as the writing of the premise seems to lose which falls flat and there’s a bit too exaggeration and sobbing that ends up showing the World famous lover as ‘Frantic lover’ cause Gowtham punches on Mirror, breaks his own head to feel the literal pain.

Verdict: A one-time watch movie which will be liked by the youngsters who have been through break up in their life. Also if you are VD fan don’t go by the reviews, watch the film as he again steals the show.


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