Dog as Hyundai’s Celebrity Ambassador- Tucson Prime winning more fans

Tucson Prime dog

If you’re tired of “salespeople”, then this showroom in Brazil might be the right place to buy your next car. A good boy named “Tucson Prime” was recently given a promotion at a Hyundai dealership, and made a dog salesman, making thousands of tails wag across social media. While initial posts suggested that the showroom was in India, reports revealed that “Tucson Prime”, the dog salesman has actually been a Hyundai employee in Brazil and since May. He was adopted by his colleagues, after he was found loitering outside the showroom, and has since worked his way up the ranks of the company, and even earned his own kennel.

The sog salesman was recently promoted as the official ambassador of the showroom — a job that comes with various perks, such as hourly belly rubs, and toys to chew on. He has also been given an official ID card, which he wears around his neck. Hyundai Brazil’s Instagram page introduced their newest employee to the world, in a post that has over 30 thousand likes and counting.

The dog salesman also has his own Instagram handle, where customers can keep up with him as he unwinds after a long day, or attends serious meetings with top executives of the company, or interacts with customers. Social media couldn’t get enough of this heart-warming story, with Hyundai earning thousands of fans overnight courtesy of their new celebrity employee.


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