Don’t debar your pets, they do not spread COVID-19


Yes, there has been an instance where a Malayan Tiger Nadia was affected with COVID-19 at Bronx Zoo, New York, due to a caretaker in Zoo. The vets have pushed this belief aside and asked people to not spread wrong notion. The probability of animals transmitting COVID-19 is negligible as of now and the cases of pets getting affected are also meager.

Pets cannot tell how they feel that doesn’t mean debarring is the right thing. Due to the COVID-19 fear, certain pet owners have left their pets on roads or the pets are kept in their balconies.

Precaution is better than cure but that doesn’t mean that such a behavior on the pets is a right thing. In fact during such a time, right food, care should be taken.

Things to take care of if you have pet :

  • Do not take them for walks on roads, try avoiding it, unless it is a requirement.
  • Wash their paws, if taken out for a walk.
  • Keep them clean
  • Give them proper food, homemade food is also fine.
  • Terrace walks are advisable.


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