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Dos and Don’ts after taking COVID-19 vaccination


Vaccine is the elixir to mankind, saving millions from dying from the novel Coronavirus. The vaccination pace can increase if the population is educated about how helpful the vaccine is and knows about dos and don’ts after having their jabs. Many fear from taking their shots after listening and coming across elusive rumours that are blowing away the media.


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After taking the first dose, one might feel feeble and weak and the reason is quite understandable because the immune system of an individual’s fights back with the foreign elements that newly entered the body which in turn makes the immune system stronger, making it a win-win situation. So the aftermath of the vaccination will be quite unpleasant but in the end they’re all on the same side. One should “trust the process” and take the needed precautions to battle the situation.

One, during the “process” of immunity improvising one should refrain from being sceptical about the vaccine and stay at a normal room temperature because the body temperature rises after 8 hours of the vaccination. This happens to the majority of people but not all of them, some might have slight temperature rise while others might see a drastic slide in temperature.

One must have adequate sleep of 8 to 9 hours; it is observed that most people who have less sleeping hours are most likely to have more frequency to this temporary illness than average people who are facing it.

A healthy diet should be a part of the plan for recovering from it, the recovery duration varies from person to person since it all relies on the immune system. Anything which has water level in it works well for recovery. Take iron rich vegetables and pulses.

Staying hydrated is beneficial and mostly keeps the body temperature at its level, a dehydrated person will have a tougher time. Water also helps for steady working of respiration which in turn tames the mind.

Vaccination reduces the severity of the virus but it still can travel through a vaccinated person to a person who is yet to be vaccinated. One should still follow the protocols to prevent the spreading of virus passively i.e wearing mask, social distancing and sanitizing periodically.

After the vaccination, the spot where one took the vaccine might cramp and if the cramp increases over the time, cold water or ice should be applied on the spot where the vaccine is applied.


Avoid alcohol consumption for a month or two since it might cause side effects during the process of immunization though there is no scientific evidence that it might cause trouble but as a matter of fact alcohol causes trouble on a long run.

Avoid Straining exercises for 2-3 days, as the body needs complete recovery from the temporary side effects caused by the vaccine.

Avoid missing the second jab to keep the disease 6 feet away.

Last but not the least, everyone who is getting vaccinated or going to get their turns or those are vaccinated should count themselves lucky since they survived the pandemic and now have an opportunity to prevent and end this forever for good. So end this fear and get yours today.

By Mitali

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