Do’s & Don’t in Airport that needs to be followed


1. Passengers need to have Arogya Sethu App in their mobile phone, if not they won’t be allowed

2. Need to reach airport two hours before.

3. Screening of passengers is must, temperature will be checked, if it doesn’t show green, they won’t be allowed.

4. From cabin crew to Airport ground staff will wear masks, gloves, PPEs. Even they will be screened, if they have fever, cold or cough, they won’t be allowed.

5. Mats, carpets will be bleached as an disinfectant.

6. Extra baggage won’t be allowed, if allowed, they will be disinfected.

7. Social distancing is a must everywhere

8. Newspaper and magazines won’t be available at airport lounges.

9. Even once the flight lands, the passengers will be asked to leave in sequences and not rush in groups.

10. Hygiene and sanitization is a must and will be looked into.

Definitely flying this time will be definitely a different experience.

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