Dr N Jairam shares his insights on the pandemic and Swasth App


A coalition of over 100 healthcare specialists had come together to launch Swasth app- a nationwide telemedicine platform for Corona care, which digitally connects Indians to the best doctors and wellness providers. The mobile app-based service leverages India’s technology prowess to deliver equal and affordable healthcare to 1.3 billion people, cutting across geographical and income divides.

Dr Nandakumar Jairam, Chairman and GMD at Columbia Asia hospitals Pvt Ltd is one of the key member of the project team. In a talk with Hello Vizag, he shares a few important points on the ongoing pandemic and the measures to be taken.

1. Stay at home as much as possible. If you have to step out, please take adequate steps for protecting yourselves.
2. Manage your hygiene, wash your hands often, do not touch your face, mouth and eyes
3. If a family member is under quarantine, make sure you maintain a safe distance, disinfect regularly and isolation is ensured
4. Eat healthy so that your immune system is not compromised. In case you are on medication, please do not miss it.
5. It is important to protect people who are vulnerable to the virus.
6. For mental health, relaxation activities like Yoga or listening music should be practised.

Speaking on the Swasth App which is indigenous digital healthcare system, Dr Jairam shares a few points.
1. If he/she suspects to have Covid-19, a video consultation can be opted through the app. The Doctor would interact with the patient and by understanding the symptoms, a tentative diagnosis would be given. Doctors have been trained to follow guidelines of telemedicine.
2. Depending on the symptoms and severity, the Doctor might direct them to a laboratory or pharmacy.
3. In the case of home quarantine, the Doctor, through telemedicine will guide on the do’s and don’ts.
4. The Swasth app which is a stop shop for diagnosis and treatment for Covid on a tele platform also provides information on availability of hospital beds and other related information. Along with the free consultations, Swasth provides services like home quarantine assistance, diagnostics, pharmacies and booking assistance at a subsidized cost.

“Swasth is a unique non-profit coalition of members from multiple sections of the Indian healthcare ecosystem, including individual doctors, small and large hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, telemedicine platforms, insurance companies, and healthcare-technology companies, who have joined hands with the goal of creating affordable healthcare for all Indians in every nook and corner of the country, so that they can immediately get the care that they need for this crisis, as well as for all their other healthcare needs,” stated Dr Jairam.

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