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Dr Sandeep Panchkarla from JSP shares his journey


Youth are the leaders for tomorrow and politics is one field which helps in voicing the voiceless, shares Dr. Sandeep Panchakarla, In charge of Bhimili Constituency, Janasena Party. In an interview with Hello Vizag, Panchkarla throws light on his journey and importance of politics.

1. Please share your journey with us.

I completed my primary school education in S.F.S School, Vizag. Later, I pursued my B.Sc in Micro Biology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry from Gayatri Vidya Parishad. I continued my studies by pursuing an MBA in Marketing and HR from GITAM University and P.G Diploma in Urban Planning and Development from IGNOU. I have also done my Ph.D in Management Studies from GITAM University.

2. How did you enter into politics?

My travel with Pawan Kalyan and Janasena Party (JSP)began in 2014. I was just an ordinary fan boy until the inauguration of JSP, but the inaugural speech of Kalyan had ignited and inspired me a lot. This gave me a motivation to serve people through politics.

3. How was the journey on entering politics?

I started being active in all the political events and charity events of the party. Recognizing my hard work, JSP had appointed me as the State BSU Convener in 2018 which gave me a chance to mobilize students from different parts of the state and organize many interactive sessions with Pawan Kalyan. Later in 2019, I was given a chance to contest in Assembly Elections from Bhimili Constituency on behalf of Janasena Party.

4. Share your experience on contesting for elections.

Being from a normal family with no political background, it came to me as a surprise when I was asked to contest for elections. I took it as a challenge, worked hard and dedicated my time to work towards it. Though we lost the battle, I was happy to have almost acquired 10.5% (24,248 votes) of vote share which is not easy for a young man without political background.

5. What is the change you want to bring through politics?

Pawan Kalyan has always taught us to stand and fight for the right. That is what I am doing right now. No matter what, I will walk in his path serving the needy. I always believe youth has a major role to play in politics. The very first Lok Sabha of Independent India had more than 20% of young men but now it has just 6% of people who are under 35 years of age.

6. What is the role of youth in politics?

Many of our young citizens consider politics as a filthy job but it is not. The corrupted political masters have made it dirty and filthy. It is time for the youth to step up, clean the system and make it transparent. I believe in the saying, “While it takes no courage to do the wrong thing, it needs a lot of bravery and determination to do the right thing.”

7. What has been your contribution through politics?

Janasena Party has given me a chance to address the issue of Uddanam. As we threw light on the deadly problems of unheard people at Uddanam, Dialysis centers were established, water plants were established, and a Research Team from Harvard University had come to find a solution to the problem.

I also organized many interactive sessions between Pawan Kalyan and the students. Most of them were inspired and now are actively taking part in political process. I wish to encourage the young generation to get into politics to serve the country.

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