Dream, to wake up and work for it


In the world of nonfiction and practicality be a dreamer and ardent admirer of fiction cause maybe someday when you wake up your dreams may come true just like Matthew Cherry, director of ‘Hair Love’ had a gut feeling of winning an Oscar someday.

It was back in 2012 where he tweeted “I’m going to be nominated for Oscars ‘one day’. Already claiming it.” Again after four years, he was quite determined to turn his vision into reality and he finally made it to the Oscars by not just making it to the nominations but also taking home the Oscar for ‘Hair Love’ best animated short film at Dolby Theatre Los Angeles. The 7-minute short film is not just written but also directed by him where he showcased a heartwarming tale of daughter and father where the father tries out new hairstyles for his daughter as her mother has fallen ill. The film has an underlying message of ‘representing black hair as the new normal’. It took him eight years but finally, the universe conspired and willed in the Oscars after cherry’s sheer hard work.


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