Due to the urge of having a bottle of alcohol, costs the man Rs 92000 in an online scam


Since March 24 the entire nation is on a lockdown. Everything is shutdown except the essentials. The Hyderabad man falls for the online scam and the fraudster ends up taking his 92,000.

As things remain close, it has become difficult for people who used to drink everyday or had a habbit of drinking.

There have been cases reported where people in rural area just gave up to the urge of drinking and ended up drinking a sanitizer solution as it smells like alcohol.

Some people have wisely stored alcohol bottles in their homes but others do not have an option.

The urges are taking over in such a way and it is being used by certain fraudsters where in this case, the Hyderabad man wanted to buy a 1600 Rs alcohol bottle online and then when the fraudster kept calling, he gave his CVV and kept calling him atleast for four times to know the OTP. After a while a sum of Rs 92,000 was taken away.

The accountant has filed a case against the fraudster and this matter is being closely.

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