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Dug-up roads pose threat to Vizag South residents


Broken pipelines, shortage of drinking water and unattended garbage bins plague several areas of Visakhapatnam South Constituency. Residents bemoan that the garbage bins are left unattended for weeks at a time. Stagnant drains filled with plastic waste and poor drains are a few of the many ills that this constituency faces.

In Maharanipeta in ward 33 opposite Green Park Hotel, the road has been dug up and left it that way for close to a month. Nukaraju, who has a tea shop near the site, said an underground water pipeline has been damaged and water has been leaking out for close to 20 days. “Also there is so much trash that is accumulating in the water,” he said.

Around the site, there are many pan shops and juice shops among others. Customers just drop the cigarette pack wrappers and cups in that space. Frequent digging for underground power cable works, beautification works and Smart City have taken a toll on the beauty of the area, not to mention the stress it causes to commuters and pedestrians.

In a narrow street near AVN College in ward 35, there are between three and four pits in a 500-meter stretch. The pits were dug up a day ago and the digger promised to close the dug-up pit in a day or two, but residents are worried about the amount of debris that would be left behind. “Even though many pits are being closed in the area, a considerable amount of debris is left on the road unattended. So, many pits are being dug and left like that for months together. Some people dump garbage into these pits as well,” Sirisha, a typing student said. On the way to typing class from my home, I come across at least 10 pits (both big and small) who will close them,: she questioned.

Another issue is that of garbage bins in Buruju Peta Poorna market of ward 38. “The garbage is lifted from the bins only when they are full and start overflowing,” explained Jahnavi Duddu, a software employee.

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