E-Pass mandatory for inter-state movement in Andhra Pradesh

E Pass Spandana AP

In sync with the central government unlock 3.0 guidelines, the Andhra Pradesh government had liberalized the inter-state movement and is providing auto-generated e-pass instantly for the travelers to cross the state border from Saturday, August 1. People who are planning to enter the AP just need to register online on and they can get an auto-generated e-pass instantly.

The AP government has relaxed restrictions near the border check posts for the people who were planning to travel to the state from other states. COVID-19 Task Force Committee Chairman M T Krishna Babu said ” If you plan to enter into AP then you have to apply for an e pass by just registering the details on the government’s Spandana website”


►The auto-generated e-pass will be sent to the mail of the applicant, as soon as the application process is completed on the Spandana website.

►Staff at the interstate border will allow the travelers to enter into the state if they show e- pass along with a valid identity proof.

►Travelers can enter into the state by providing their details at border check posts.

►The state government had taken up this registration process, only to determine the number of arrivals. This information will be sent to health workers.

►Following which the health workers will focus on the health of new arrivals into the state, this policy would be effective from Saturday, August 1.

►The police will send back the travelers if they fail to show e-pass at the border
check posts.

►People can apply for e-pass on http://www.spandana.ap. website.

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