Eat good food to lead a healthier life


The way we eat largely depends upon our cultural and regional backgrounds. If we look back into our native eating habits, the food we eat promotes our health. Our well being has always been an underlying principle behind our eating habits. For example the fact that we eat rice and dal along with ghee in south of India and roti dal in north of India clearly indicates that we as a culture have always been eating protein along with carbohydrates. This increases the absorption of protein in our body along with good fats.

But with the changing times and changed lifestyle, the way we are eating and living are more harming our body than promoting any health. Though as a country we are advanced in medical treatments, with the growing number of hospitals the number of people losing health is going on increasing. The average lifespan of an individual has come down. Blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues which used to be very rarely heard of at the age of 70/80 have become common conditions at the age of 30/40.

Unless and until each and every individual becomes more conscious and aware of what this body needs for its health and well being, it’s not easy to restore the health of the youth of India.

By K. Hema Sarat
Health and Wellness Advisor.


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