Ending life in a snap isn’t a solution


Every second there is a suicide being committed out of which some of it becomes a piece of news and others remain under the carpet. For various reasons they happen whether for a fight, a trauma, no hope to survive but is it okay to take your life for some reason. The years that you lived turns out to be a waste also the future may seem to be bright who knows.

Recently a newlywed woman took away her life. The reason seems to be unknown but it is said after a fight she locked herself in the room and hanged herself.

The crucial age for personality development takes place between 12 – 18 years, also known as the ‘puberty age’. It’s the stage of spring (life) where the pupa (kid) turns out to be a butterfly. This is the period where an individual starts exploring, knowing, develops a perspective, either the person turns out to be a beautiful, strong-built empire or a dilapidated house.
Major developments take place during this age.

As a teenager, they weave their own unrealistic world, hot blood rushing into their veins, stubborn in nature, There are many dreams, dilemmas that linger in their minds. They aspire to adopt some other person’s behavior.

The person is walking towards the cave of adulthood, he/she thinks that they are mature enough to handle things, but the reality is they are mentally very tender in nature. They are very inquisitive in nature, want to reason out every element, but as they say, there are pro ‘S and con’s of everything, and an inquisitive mind can yield to do dangerous things.

Suicide is one of the activities which is committed mostly by youngsters and other age groups of people.
According to the WHO, Geneva. Experts claim that India’s adjusted annual suicide rate is 11.6 per 1, 00,000 persons I. E 17% of the world population.

The ratio of suicide committed between males and females is 2:1.

Suicides rates are higher in the southern and eastern states of India.

Suicides are mostly attempted during the tender age that’s between 15 – 29.

According to statistical data, the number of suicides is increasing every year in India.

According to NCRB ( National crime record bureau), Cases of suicides recorded in 2017.

It’s just been 5 months and per day many people are committing suicides.

Recorded cases :

Girl student immolated herself: A seventh-grade student allegedly committed suicide at Islampeta, under duvvada police station. She burnt herself, cause of an ITI student who spurned her proposal.

Youth ends life: A girl refused to come on a date on Valentine’s Day. The guy was depressed about the refusal and thus he committed suicide by consuming harmful chemicals at Atchutapuram.

15-year-old girl commits suicide: A 15-year-old girl hangs herself in the classroom in Atchutapuram.

IIT students commit suicide in a row: Recently a guy named Nidhin, a 4th-year aerospace student committed suicide, he hanged himself in the room and wrote a note which said ‘ I want to sleep.

An NRI and mother committed suicide in Vizag: Non –resident Indian and advocate mother ablaze themselves in golalapalem.

A 14-year-old boy jumps in front of a moving train: Dhammuluri Vinay of Nellore district jumps in front of a moving train cause he scored 9.1/10 in his examination.

These are just some of the cases which were brought into the light, once imagine there must be so many people around there in the world who allegedly embrace death, per day they are dying.

Causes of it :

Mental illness: depression
Social standing: isolation
Love affairs
Exam stress
Peer pressure
Parental pressure
Sharma Ji ka beta wala stress
Of late people are coming out of their shells and talking about it. Suicide or causes like depression is no more a taboo in society. There are many campaigns, seminars being held. #Suicide awareness posts being put up on social networking sites.
But the question that lingers in my mind is, Is it effective?
Is it really helping in depleting the monster ( suicide)?

Yes, it’s helping, but the process is slow. People are sharing posts about depression, suicide, but the major question arises is
Are you really pulling someone out of the darkness or just doing propaganda on Facebook for getting likes.

People the major way to come out of depression or the evil thought lies within you. No counselor, no medicines will work till you are willing to rise. As the monster doesn’t lie under your bed but it lies within your head.

No matter what the reason may be, seek help, talk but ending life isn’t a solution.


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