Essential commodities will be available from 6am to 1 pm in AP


To combat the menace of COVID-19, lockdown of the nation was declared to curtail the spread of novel coronavirus.
Where such a macro level decision was taken considering the health and welfare of people. People were tensed as what will happen if the entire thing is on a lockdown.
It was mentioned that all the essentials like grocery, milk, vegetables will be open. Others like ATM, Bunks will also be open. After the meeting on Wednesday, Nilam Sawhney, Chief secretary of AP and Gautam Sawang AP DGP (IPS) addressed the district collectors and police officers in a video conference.
The chief minister revised the timings in the state for the buying of essentials and according to it – all the essentials Groceries, Rythu Bazaars, Fruits, will be available from 6 am to 1pm and pharmaceuticals will be open 24/7.
Even though when people come out to buy the essentials they should maintain a distance and not crowd up. For the supply of these commodities manual labours will be working to ensure that the essentials reach the market.
People are not supposed to come out after 1 am for no reason at all. If they do not follow the regulations then strict action will be taken by the officials.


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