Essential door deliveries pick up pace, 4365 orders were made in the city itself


It is not pizza or pasta deliveries that are catching up the demand race it is the delivery of essentials.

With the recent green flag being waved on the door to door deliveries by some leading food apps have picked up a pace.

Convenient and smart method it is, on Wednesday in the citu itself there were about 4,365 orders were made on Wednesday itself.

Seventeen companies have been given permission to deliver the commodities. Even the grocery shops have made contacts with the delivery firms.

The leading food delivery giants like Swiggy, Zomato are doing their bit quite meticulously.

It is said after placing the order within 24 hours the delivery is made. Certain money will be going to the farmers.

Even the delivery personnel is said to look after their hygiene and cleanliness factor, they wear masks and clean their hands with sanitizers.

This way congestion in markets can be avoided.


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