Essential maintenance works were done during the lockdown


Turning the nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic into an opportunity, Waltair Division of East Coast Railway has taken initiative to take-up safety related engineering works during this lockdown period by utilizing the time and workforce.

Railways suspended passenger train services on March 25 and that allowed it the chance to complete pending maintenance works, including track renewals, repairs, re-conditioning of Railway track and renewal of scissor crossovers etc. The Division has carried out Through Rail Renewal (Primary) of 28 track kilometers in Sigadam-Chipurupalli and Gajapatinagaram – Komatipalli sections. For the safety and smooth running of trains 12 numbers of Thick web switches were laid during the month.

Deep Screening of 16Kms track carried out in Rayagada – Theruvali section with BCM machine. Permanent speed restriction of 50kmph between Kumharsodhra to Gidam in KK line, has been cancelled and speed increased to sectional speed of 55kmph, thereby achieving a saving of 9 minutes of running time. Further, permanent speed restrictions between Mallividu- Lakkavarapukota and Jeypore- Dhanapur in KK Line have been lifted thereby achieving a saving of running time. Two Diamond crossings in Waltair Marshalling Yard cabins, which were existing on wooden layout have been converted to Pre-stressed concrete (PSC) sleepers layout thereby increasing the safety quotient, enhancing the asset reliability and ease in maintenance effort. Apart from these works several track maintenance works carried out over the Division with observation of social distancing and COVID-19 protocol.

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