Even one ‘Thappad’ is NOT OKAY!


Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Thappad’ is a punch on the larger section of the patriarchy that still exists.
Whoever it is whether girl or boy getting slapped is not okay. Physical abuse on anyone isn’t right whether children, women, men as there are other ways to express or channelize your anger.

Anubhav Sinha’s movie is such that it makes you rethink through the layers of subtleties. Initially, you may think about what the movie will showcase, it might churn only about that one slap but as it goes on slowly unfolding with a story you understand the context. It is not just that one slap that infuriates Amrita (Taapsee) but the series of things that she kept ignoring meanwhile. With that one slap, she just gets back to her consciousness and starts seeing all the unfair things that took place and she kept it aside like the cup at the basin.

From her confining herself to that one corner and thinking that what just happened at that moment. Though she gets back to her work as it is only the wives’ duty right to set everything right, Push and pull of sofa, thousands of things running inside her mind. Amrita finds herself trapped at that moment, she can’t hear anything. It’s all the deafening silence.
The story may seem to revolve around Taapsee but projects also other people who did go threw it. Doesn’t matter whether they belong to the elite class or not, women do face such things but they have got conditioned due to the societal norms.
It is not about ‘compromise toh karna padta hain’ in marriage. An existential crisis. Marriage should not be only of women taking care of the home, children, and work, and men just going to work.

All the characters in this movie are like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, equally important and they all fall in place.
Being a Daddy’s girl Amrita wanted her partner to have a reflection of her daddy’s qualities but it doesn’t out to be like that but her dad (Kumud Mishra) seems to have his daughter’s back. Kumud Mishra stands by her side when no one else did. He understood what she tried to convey. With this, you realize that not all men are bad.
Ratna Patak Shah plays the typical mother’s role where they show the concerned mother tries to put some sense in her daughter’s head as divorce isn’t the solution. Getting slapped is fine but breaking a marriage isn’t fine as haar ghaar main hota hain.

Tanvi Azmi who is also seen searching for her true identity asks Amrita to calm down as with time it will be all fine.
The character that holds much importance represents a larger section of society is the maid (Geetika Vidya) every day she comes for work with a sobby face as her alcoholic husband hits her badly. She takes the wound with a pinch of salt as it happens right and what will she do if she leaves him. Questions splashed by society and with no education where will she go. Where we think it just happens in that strata, it isn’t as we see Amrita getting a slap in midst of a party.
Being a housewife it was a choice that Amrita took for herself but getting slapped and listening to all the things from her husband isn’t something she signed up for her.

Even if the husband is seen quite guilty and regrets what he has done it can’t undo the slap and series of events taking his wife for granted as being a woman, she keeps doing things selflessly.

Whether it is the screenplay, Dialogues, acting is top-notch. And this movie is definitely a need for the hour. At the ending, you expect something cinematic to happen but this is what reality should or seem like.
Anubhav Sinha’s Trilogy seems quite encapsulating and important whether it is Mulk, Article 15, and Thappad, he does mold the perspective of a larger section of society.


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