Every minute action is being monitored by the AP police in the city and also these people are doing their bit to help the needy


Lockdown is for the common man but it is for the other people like health officials, police, sanitation workers, Government and NGOs who are working incessantly out there to make a difference in our lives or protect the citizines.

From day to night, they are working round the clock, some are not even interacting with their family as a precaution. The police commisioner Mukesh kumar Meena garu said presently, the crime rate has come down in the city. And the control and command centre, monitors the city with about 2600 cameras live and every person moving on the streets is monitored by a 100 member Task force in command centre. The people may think that they can do as they like during this situation but the actions are being monitored at every moment.

Also it is said that police were feeding about 5000 people daily on national highway passing through the city as no food joints were open.

During the hard times, also certain ngos were supporting and feeding certain people.


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