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In a recent online seminar ‘Eat Pretty’ conducted by Dr Sriteja of Skin Med and Anjali Dange, Founder of Starlite Nutrition and Wellness Centre, a few points were discussed for the well-being of everyone.

Anjali Dange who is a chief nutrition consultant shared a few points on nutrition for immunity. She said that one must focus on micronutrients like Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron & Selenium. For Zinc, one can consume pumpkin seeds & cashews. Vitamin C is in amlas, guava, litchis, oranges & sweet lime. Iron from raisins, dates, green leafy vegetables, beetroot. Selenium from sunflower seeds, eggs, fish & chicken.

For Vitamin D, sunlight exposure everyday for 15mims, preferably in the morning is recommended. For Vitamin B12; for non-vegetarians it can be found in all organ meat and for vegetarians- supplements may be necessary, says Anjali.

Dr Sriteja, a renowned dermatologist opined that one should stick to their skincare routine. She suggested to start the day with a nonsoap gentle cleanser and to use the right sunscreen lotion. For glowing skin, one must be well-hydrated. They must have coconut water, buttermilk, water soaked in flax seeds and consume more of Vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables.

Summer skin care tips:-
Like we avoid winter clothes in summer, change your winter skin care creams in summer.
Excessive sweating leads to dehydration causing dry skin,finelines.

Skincare tips:-
1. Hydrate well drink lots of clear fluids. Tea and coffee to be avoided
2. Shower twice a day
3. Wear light coloured clothing
4. Use non foaming facial cleanser
5. Start gel based sunscreen with spf between 30 to 50 & reapply every 2 hours.
6. Avoid steam
7. Use light weight gel based moisturisers
8. Use a lipbalm with spf in it
9. Start hydrating gel at night
10. Remove ur makeup including eyemakeup before you sleep

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