Eye strain and aging are not the only causes for eye problems


In general, we usually believe that aging, eye strain and genetics are the causes for eye sight or eye health related problems. But in specific, eye health is also affected by unhealthy lifestyle and habits. Age related eye problems can be reduced by 25 percent, if proper intake of zinc, copper, vitamin C, E etc is done. Proper lifestyle and good foods will improve eye health.

Here are some foods that are good for your eye health:

Red pepper: They provide a good amount of vitamin C and are good for blood vessels in your eyes as well.

Nuts: They act as a rich source of vitamin E and also play a key role in preventing cataracts. Peanuts, cashews, walnuts are good for eye health.

Seeds:  Chia seeds, basil seeds and sunflower seeds consist of omega 3s and vitamin E which helps slowing down age related macular degeneration.

Leafy greens: These are a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin. Green leafy vegetables including spinach will lower the risk of eye diseases.

Fish: Fishes including salmon, tuna etc. are rich in omega 3 (fatty acids and fish oil). They help in maintaining good eye health. So that the risk of eye diseases in later stages of life is reduced.

Citrus fruits: Lemons, oranges, grapes etc. fights against the age related eye damage.

Carrots: These consist of vitamin A, which is needed for retina and to maintain moisture in eyes.

Sweet potato: Consists of high levels of Vitamin A, which also helps in preventing dry eye related problems.

Meat: Including pork, chicken and beef are rich in zinc. They are good for long term eye health.

Eggs: Being the good source of zinc, vitamin C and E. Eggs help in maintaining overall eye health.

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