Farmers stabed by lockdown along with low produce


Framers of visakhapatnam district are effected by lockdown in addition to low produce this year.

Seasonal produce like mangos, cashews are among the effected ones in the list which includes flowers,coconut and even nursery.

Even though the price of mangoes per tonne has doubled this year due to surge in mango produce the lockdown effected the transportation and the framers are not able to use this increased price opportunity.

V.Narshima Raju a farmer from nakkapalli Mandal, whose main plantation is cashew said cashew produce has declined 80percent this year compared to last year in all the surrounding villages. which should actually lead to increase in price but due to lockdown and no transport the price has surged from Rs7500 per bag ( consisting of 80kgs ) last year to Rs6400 per bag this year.He also added that the cost of pesticides and wages he incurred is not completely recovered from the crop.

Another farmer Subba Raju said that due to close of temples,hotels and restaurants and stopage of transport the price of cocunts declined to Rs10 per coconut from Rs16 before lockdown.

Same is the case with farmers who cultivated flowers due to cancellation of marriages and no demand during festivals like ugadi the have lost the important season and all their efforts and money went in vain.

By Praveena Varma


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