Fears grips in before Holi but is it worth it?


As the Coronavirus instils fear within everyone, people are avoiding public gatherings for quite an extent. Where malls and beaches used to bustle with people it has come down comparatively.
People are in a dilemma whether to play Holi or not. As the occasion doesn’t only involve a lot of people in a chunk but there will be splashes of water and much of human contact.
Though there are no positive cases of Coronavirus yet in Vizag people are getting worried and panicked. ‘Precaution is better than cure’ but it doesn’t mean that people should push away the festival of colours.
The demand for buying colours have come down and almost most of the colours merchandise are almost empty-handed. Where all the youngsters are all set to splash colours and spread happiness, parents and adults are a bit concerned. Holi will be celebrated at various places in Vizag and Vizagites are all set to play.


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