Films to be released directly on OTT platforms during the pandemic time


Every industry is facing loses from trading to movie amid the lockdown period. As everything is shut down to halt the spread of virus and break the chain.

The lockdown started a while back and it feels like things have come to a pause. Things are on loop, Netflix, prime, eat and chill. Previously things were getting back, situation was under control but after the breakdown of Delhi incident, it is all over now. It will take sometime to track, treat and bring back things to normalcy.

April 15 was the date of lifting the lockdown but now there is a probability of not going out after it, seeing the present scenario. And as the demand for OTT has increased from Netflix to amazon. Certain producers in Tollywood are planning to release the movies amid the lockdown as people can watch it as well as there won’t be losses.

Many series, movies were released to in the OTT platforms like Parasite, Pushapavalli, Maska etc. If this happens, then many low budget films can be released as even the OTT platform need fresh content.


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