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First time in Indian history 2 women airborne combatants will operate from warships


Women making history has become quite common these days. Indian Navy, Army and Air Force started deploying women officers in different roles which were earlier not alloted to women. Apart from first Indian Airforce (IAF) women fighter pilot to fly Rafale aircraft, there are other women air combatants who are now ready to operate from warships for the first time.

Usually Indian Navy restricts its women officers only to fixed wing aircrafts which takes off and lands ashore. But for the first time women are going to be trained in helicopter operations under Navy. Which will show the path for deploying women officers in frontline warships of Navy.

Sub Lieutenant (SLt) Kumudini Tyagi and SLt Riti Singh are selected as observers in the stream of helicopter. Usually observers will calculate the threats and designates the targets. Operations will be carried out from the deck of the ships, meaning they have to stay on broad of the ship as the aircraft is operated from the ship itself.

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