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Fish Farmers Producers Organisation to come up at Visakhapatnam


The state government has come up with the concepts of Aqua Hubs, Aqua Bazaars and Fish Farmers Producers Organisation, with an aim to increase the consumption of fish and prawns in the state. Being one of the the leading producers of fish and prawns in India, our state still a way behind while coming to their consumption.

Most of our Aqua produce is being exported to other countries. In order to increase its consumption in the domestic market, our government has decided to take up the project of setting up Aqua Bazaars in rural areas and Aqua Hubs in urban areas.

Fish Farmers Producers Organisation (FFPO) will be formed under the Companies Act 2013 or MACS Act 1995. These FFPOs will be of three types, which will handle pre-processing, processing and marketing activities.

This project is going to kick start with marketing FFPO in Visakhapatnam, followed pre-processing and processing FFPOs. They are planning to set up the marketing FFPO by the end of this month. Atleast one Aqua Bazaar to come up by 21st of November.

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