Fit India freedom run by Waltair Division


Under the guidance of Shri Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, Divisional Railway Manager, the Waltair division is organizing “Fit India Freedom Run” intending to stay healthy and make others health conscious.

Fit India Freedom Run is being organized from 15th August to 2nd October-2020 over the Division. All the Departments have been assigned to organize Fitness run on a day-wise basis. In this series, during the race, the staff and family members were motivated to take part in a large number to make the programme grand success. During the run, all the protocols related to Covid-19 including social distancing shall be observed.

On this occasion, DRM said that the objective of the “Fit India Freedom Run” is to encourage fitness among the railway personnel and the general public by following all protocols related to Covid-19 and get rid of obesity, sluggishness, stress, anxiety and other diseases. This program is more important given wellbeing to improve immunity in the context of current circumstances.

Organizing the “Fit India Freedom Run” by the Indian Railways with the concerted efforts of the rail families, it is fully supporting the awareness campaign and creating motivation among the public to adopt the healthy habit.

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