Fit India -Hit India Awareness campaign inaugurated


The Bharat Scouts and Guides (NHq-New Delhi) had planned to implement the Health and fitness awareness campaign under the FIT INDIA movement which is an initiative of the Ministry of youth affairs and sports, GOI. Fit India is a movement to take the Nation on a path of fitness and wellness.

It is a month-long program starting from 1st September to October 2. The Fit India movement campaign’s main thrust is to encourage fitness and be away from obesity, laziness, stress, and anxiety issues.

The campaign was inaugurated by Narava Prakasa Rao, State vice-president of Bharat Scouts and Guides AP, on Monday afternoon at Dr. BR Ambedkar Bhavan near Dr. LB College.

Rao said that during the pandemic, it is essential to maintain fitness and wellness.

During this month-long program Scouts, guides, scoutmasters will visit each house to know the fitness activities and organize community programs to explain people on the importance of fitness.

On October 2nd, a mega event called RUN FOR HEALTH will be organized in the city.

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