Five persons couldn’t stop the urge of having liquor, consumed sanitiser chemical instead in AP


Amid lockdown as everything remains closed apart from the essentials. Five persons couldn’t control their urge of having alcohol so instead consumed sanitiser chemical.

Out of the five, one youth is already dead and other four persons were admitted in a hospital. The youth was about 20 years old and the four others are said to be in a critical state at the private hospitals.

On Monday, one of the victim P.Veeresh who dwells in Velpur Village, while taking the chemical (Isopropyl alocohol) to the company, he bought about a half a litre of it and called his friends, the odour of the disinfectant is same as of an alcohol, with the urges they couldn’t resist so had the chemical.

The chemicals were used to make sanitisers during the lockdown. With lack of awareness they consumed and being addicted to alcohol result in their consumption.

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