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Follow Covid-19 protocols even after vaccination, says health experts


As district administration scaling up its Covid-19 vaccination drive, there have been reports of people testing positive for the virus even after being administered both doses of a vaccine. The reason behind this that a lot of individuals who took their second dose of Covid vaccine in Vizag thinking that they can start living normally without having to follow safety precautions against Covid-19, and still wouldn’t get infected again.

In spite of high expectations from Covid-19 vaccines, the fact remains that fully vaccinated individuals must continue taking precautions due to the questions regarding the efficacy of vaccines, chances of re-infections and even transmission.

Last week, the Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), United States had released a list of activities that fully vaccinated persons can take up in the US. In their recommendations, the CDC said that fully vaccinated persons can gather indoors with unvaccinated people of any age. It also allows fully vaccinated individuals to gather or conduct activities outdoors without wearing masks.

But, people in Vizag are quite far away from reaching that stage in the epidemic curve. “Everyone who took two doses of Covid-19 vaccines should continue to follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour. Compulsory use of masks, physical distancing, avoiding mass gatherings and hygiene will continue to remain paramount in our fight to contain the second wave,” says health experts in Vizag.

Opposing to the recommendations of CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO) says: “Even after you’re vaccinated, keep taking precautions. Indeed a Covid-19 vaccine will prevent serious illness and death, we still don’t know the extent to which it keeps individuals from being infected and passing the virus on to others”.

Health experts in Vizag unanimously reiterated that vaccinated individuals need to continue with these precautions while we are still learning about what vaccines can do. The question of how long we continue to take these precautions is going to depend on how long countries would take to crush the transmission of the virus”.

Also, vaccine and immunology experts have also pointed out that there is no evidence of the efficacy of the vaccines in some age groups like children, who continue to be at risk of getting infected. Furthermore, at present in Hyderabad and across the country vaccines are in short supply and there are not enough vaccines to protect everybody in the community. If once for all vaccination is done broadly in the community, there will be a fair idea of what vaccines can do to prevent infections, which could decide when to do away with the precautions.

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