For the first time Chandanotsav performed without devotees at Simhachalam


On this auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya thousands of devotees flow in to have the nijaswarupa darsanam of Lord Varaha Lakshmi Narsimhaswamy at Simhachalam.

Devotees just not from Andhra Pradesh but from various states like Odisha hail to Visakhapatnam to have a glimpse of lord on this day.

Usually, Lord Appana is covered under layers of sandalwood though out the year and no one can see the original idol of lord and on this day all the layers are removed and fresh layers of sandalwood paste is applied.

Hence, today is the only day through out the year where devotees get to have the darshan of the original idol of Lord Appana.

And for the first time in the history of Simhachalam, Chandanotsavam happened without any devotees.

As per the orders of the government, only with limited permissions Chandanotsavam was done at Simhachalam today.

Though carona affected the flow of devotees to have darshan it has caused no intrusion to the rituals. All the rituals are said to happen like always and the temple trust along with the Archaka pujari’s will perform them.


Pic source: Sakshi


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