Forgiveness and letting Go is the new Mantra, says Poorna Kraleti from Vizag


Forgiveness is letting go the anger, resentment and revenge. Man is a social animal and in the process of evolution both revenge and forgiveness have taken their own path. As MK Gandhi said, “forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, the weak cannot forgive.”

Here are a few takeaways from SOUL SPA founder Poorna SJ Kraleti, psychologist, Energy healer, NLP life coach, Mental space psychology coach.

1)Forgiveness is not about who is right who is wrong, it is about what is the right action to be taken. The ego trap often takes us to the right and wrong mode. Often, the focus is on proving the factual validity, rather than responding and taking the right action.

2)Forgiveness is freedom: To forgive is to be free, to unleash the inner happiness, as long as we don’t forgive, we hold on to grudge, the grief and resentment. It effects our work efficiency, the more we forgive the more we release ourselves from the captive of pain and hurt.

3)Forgiveness is therapeutic: Unforgiveness is reflected in specific cortisol levels, adrenaline production, and cytokine balance (Elliot 2010 citing Worthington 2005). Forgiveness in itself is a therapy, because what is burden on the mind is burden on the body. Chronic pain often arises from injury, or accident, thus anger is directed usually at the one responsible, or oneself. (Greenwood 2003).

4)Forgiveness is the door to inner healing: We cannot change the past, but future is dynamic. Forgive and let go, to forgive and look forward to a bright future is what is inner healing all about.

5)Forgiveness and anger management: Forgiveness develops acceptance, it helps to recognise the triggers of anger, because each time we forgive we recognise the deeper trigger for anger and irritation.

6) forgiveness is a process: forgiveness is a long-term process; it does not happen overnight. The process of forgiveness is to be enjoyed, a journey to self-love and inner happiness. You can add the forgiveness sadhana from the yoga prana vidya sadhana app.

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