Four year old from Andhra Pradesh breaks his piggy bank to give away Rs 971 to combat the COVID-19


The child with a gleam in his eyes and with little idea about the pandemic had a big heart to give away his savings.

He may be a little boy but he definitely has a big giving heart.

The four year old from Vijayawada was saving that money to buy a new bicycle but with the present scenario wavering around, he decided to meet the transport minister Perni Venkataramaiah and donated the amount.

As they say with every little drop you can form a sea, with little amount being contributed it will lead to a big saving.

There are many other childrens too from various state who came forward to give away their savings like the one from Meghalaya, Mayan a five year old boy came forward to give away Rs 1500 from his piggy bank.


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