From Idea to Product, Think 3D in Vizag has designed respiratory face masks


Think3D has successfully designed and mass-produced respiratory face masks for Eastern Naval Command, Indian Navy. They had received problem statement and rough design from Navy and based on that the entire product is designed and developed in-house.

Below are the various steps involved in the entire process. This project exemplifies core competencies they built across the entire manufacturing value chain.

Think3D shares the following steps:
1. IDEATION: EASTERN INDIAN NAVAL COMMAND reached out to us for the manufacturing of face masks with filter changing application for long term use.

2. 3D SCANNING & 3D DESIGNING: We have scanned different face profiles to develop most suitable 3D design. The inputs we have taken into consideration are face profile, common stress areas and dimensions.

3. 3D PRINTING: We 3D printed multiple design versions in an iterative process till we finalized most comfortable design that can be injection molded.

4. MOLD MACHINING: Once the design is frozen, we CNC machined 2 molds, one for the central grid and second one for the face covering part.

5. INJECTION MOLDING: Once molds are done, we loaded the molds in injection molding machine and used bio-compatible Polypropylene (PP) material to manufacture the components.

6. ASSEMBLY: Once the molding is done, additional components like polyethylene elastic strap, foam beading across the profile of the covering part, non-woven filter material wrapping around the grid are assembled to make the finished part.

Finished masks are then sterilized and the required quantity is delivered to client within the stipulated time period.

About think3D: think3D is an end-to-end rapid prototyping service provider with 3D Scanning, 3D Designing, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, Injection Molding facilities all done under single roof.


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