Gas leak at LG Polymers plant and around 300 people have been admitted in hospital and 2000 are affected near Gopalapatnam area


It was in the early hours of dawn around 3 am when the gas leakage incident occurred today from LG Polymers Plant which is a chemical plant located near Gopalapatnam area.

The gas is said to leak around 3 km and places like RR Venkatapuran, Padnapuram, BC colonh and Kamparapalem are affected.

It is such a massive incident that about 2000 people have been evacuated out of which 300 people have been affected due to it and people have been shifted them to Kingh george hospital and other hospitals in the city.

As of now eight deaths have been reported including a 6 year old child and around 300 people have been admitted in the nearby hospitals. But people have Developed symptoms like problems in breathing, puking, nausea.

Around 2000 people were evacuated by the NDRF team as styrene gas was leaked to a 3 km radius.

The police had to break open the doors in the early hours to save certain citizens as of now 300 have been admitted with severe symptoms and overall 2000 are affected and 300 have severe symptoms. More people can be admitted with the passing of the hour.

To be safe, close your doors, windows as a precautionary measure and do not panic as the officials and team are currently doing the operations.

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