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Concerned about the increasing use of plastics and improper methods of its disposal, a one-of-its kind initiative was launched in Pradhama hospital recently. Called as the Plastic house, a small unit has been set up in the hospital premises for people to exchange plastic for food and health investigations. The Plastic house which was inaugurated by GVMC commissioner G Srijana, is an effort under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Be it food packets, toys, storage packing, furniture or electronic items, plastics are so widely used that it is impossible to imagining our lives without plastic. However, we have been negligent in terms of plastic usage and its disposal.

“Littering of plastics in open spaces creates unhygienic conditions, as it acts as a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes that cause diseases like malaria and dengue. Plastics do not undergo degradation, which affects soil fertility and degrades the soil quality. The improper disposal of food bags, when eaten by animals, cause stomach and intestine related disease which even lead to suffocation and death. Plastic items find their way to the river and other water bodies, which are then swallowed by fish, seabirds, and other marine species, thus leading to suffocation and death,” said Dr P Visweswara Rao, MD of Pradhama hospital.

Dr Rao said, “For every 2 kg of plastic waste, an individual will be given a health coupon worth Rs 100/- along with a complimentary breakfast at the hospital canteen. For 4 kg of plastic waste, the person will receive a health coupon worth Rs 200/- along with complimentary lunch or dinner at the hospital. The coupons can be used by individuals or can be used by their family members for health investigations at our hospital.”

Dr Rao also said that the need of the hour is to spread awareness among people to reduce the use of single-use plastic by carrying clothe bags wherever they go. Adding that it is a new way to spread awareness among people, he further added that they would have a small nursery for distributing saplings to patients who are discharged.

“This initiative is to promote clean and green environment and to encourage people to plant trees,” said Dr Rao.

The plastic waste, after segregation, will be collected by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) staff. Then, the plastic waste will be put together in waste bin points which will be transported to the dry resource centre or the recycling unit.

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